Listen — WE HATE YOU PLEASE DIE - Can't Wait To Be Fine | Mariam B.
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Listen — WE HATE YOU PLEASE DIE – Can’t Wait To Be Fine


Behind a straightforward name, which many of us would – not so shamelessly – relate to, WE HATE YOU PLEASE DIE are a 4-piece punk band from Rouen, France.To those of you who have never heard of it, Rouen is a city, located in Normandy, a shy 136km away from Paris. But most importantly, Rouen has its own history of solid punk culture, being the home of many punk powerhouses such as Olivensteins or Dogs. Thankfully, these names have managed to remain an influence for the newest generations, who proudly keep carrying the flag of their elders.  It’s actually good to see some fresh blood popping up from other parts of the country, outside of the capital city. 


We Hate You Please Die have already performed this difficult task of breaking outside of their local community for a little while now and definitely made a statement as soon as they released their first album ‘Kids are Lo Fi’. In their own words, their “assumed melting punk” is what gave them this strength. Coupled with a sensitivity for societal matters that speak to current generations of listeners, it seems like the band is ready to take over with confidence.From their early releases, it is clear that this is a group of artists and musicians, who needed to speak out and get their frustrations about our individualistic, unfair and self-centered World voiced. It also shows in their performances, which I’m sure we’ll have the opportunity to witness (again) soon. If the foursome’s sound remains as gritty and angsty as it was when they first came out, there’s obvious added complexity to it. The whole album comes as a rollercoaster, which reaches momentum with the gripping tense “DMX-VI” into “Paula”. Now with ‘Can’t Wait to be Fine’, the band’s original garage punk now flirts with poppy notes and paves the way to more experimentation in their approach to creating music, especially if we consider the live performances it should lead to (as in “Epiphany”.) It’s also worth noticing that the shift seems so effortless, it just feels like a natural progression.With this new effort, We Hate You Please Die have successfully achieved the infamous second album test, but somehow it doesn’t really come as a surprise, considering their journey. We Hate You Please Die don’t come from a standard forming process and their story was almost entirely built by a succession of happy accidents. It’s not everyday that you end up forming a band with your next door neighbor, right? Creation has always come to them naturally, though and their evolution is therefore organic. They haven’t known each other for their whole lives, yet they quickly realized that they were all on the same page in terms of influence and inspiration, not only sonically speaking but also ideologically. It is therefore fair for them to grow the same and complement each other. 

Shortly after the album release, We Hate You Please Die put out a music video for one of their most poetic tracks on the album, in times where we could all use some love and rightly so! Single “Otterlove” brings delicacy and encapsulates these delicate moments of life filled with strong emotion. It’s Chloe, We Hate You Please Die‘s bass player and also singer, who puts herself forward in this one, sharing a heartfelt story that certainly resonates with her own experience. Love on a bigger scale and as something way beyond any of us. This time, anger is put aside and with the help of Weentage Studios, an Indian collective that We Hate You Please Die met virtually during the lockdown times, “Otterlove” is beautifully, visually represented, with no boundaries whatsoever. All in all, ‘Can’t Wait to be fine’ is a record where We Hate You Please Die remind us once again that we all have senses and we’re all human. We deserve to live just the same in our present without having to be pressured to conform to a pseudo-normality that no one actually agreed with in the first place. Now rock your leather jacket and a fresh beer and go listen to ‘Can’t. Wait To Be Fine’ in your sweat, because you know you’ve missed it. Here’s to brighter days where we’ll shine and eventually be fine!



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