Listen — Leaving my comfort zone through Running Touch | Mariam B.
It’s not everyday that you find yourself passionately listening to music that is nowhere near anything you accustomed your ears to for the past 15 years.
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Listen — Leaving my comfort zone through Running Touch

 It’s not everyday that you find yourself passionately listening to music that is nowhere near anything you accustomed your ears to for the past 15 years. Yet, some gems manage to break into your bubble and as far as I’m concerned, Running Touch caught me off guard.

I don’t know much about electronic music and such. But when I first listened to Running Touch, I found his tracks quite soothing and even comforting. Listening to them over and over helped me understand what attracts me in it. I could find in these soundscapes elements that are close to what I am familiar with, such as acoustic sounds, electric guitars (“Don’t Tell Me It’s True”) and heavy rythms, blending pretty well with overall electronic figures. Plus Running Touch sings in many of his songs with an emotive twist; his gritty voice particularly stands out in tracks like “Courtsey Of“.
His heavier background surely has something to do with his ability to mix the genres. One thing for sure, it only makes this music more accessible and enjoyable in any situation. Whether I listened to it in my morning commute or late at night after a long day, Running Touch’s work quickly started to grow in me.
Moreover, the mysterious vibe which comes from from his music perfectly translates into visuals, in the artist’s imagery. Everything from the music videos to the photographs available embody the touching sensuality Running Touch puts into his art.

Referring to this as art instead of just music does more justice to Running Touch’s project in my opinion, since his experiment goes beyond the music. He’s a complete artist who makes a point in combining literature, music, poetry, videography and actual dance in his performances, all in a personal way.
The producer however keeps low profile for now and rarely shows his face, making the choice of not marketing his art around him as an individual. Of course, others have done this before, but according to him, this is not a way to seem less accessible or fuel the enigma. On the contrary, instead of building a persona in the media, Running Touch invites people to come and meet him in “real life” at his shows, for instance. And rightly so. Running Touch‘s live performances are worth the shot, since he’s the one behind pretty much everything you’ll hear.
His innovative approach is certainly what made him so interesting and what helped him gain popularity in no time. Shortly after his big break out, Running Touch has released his debut EP A Body Slow in March 2017, through Universal Music Australia. He also secured himself slots at major music events in his homeland such as Groovin The Moo, opened for the likes of ZHU and even appeared at the infamous SXSW in Texas.
This is only the beginning.
Photo © Jayden Ostwald
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